Article: “Google Maps offers discount coupons for US stores” (Aug.2006)

“Google Inc. will offer printable discount coupons to local shoppers, in a promotional bid that aims to drive U.S. online shoppers using its Google Maps service to visit stores, the company said.

The world’s top Web search supplier is taking advantage of the marketing tool, which is traditionally used by small businesses, to entice U.S. consumers to seek out savings from local retailers such as dry cleaners, pizza delivery restaurants and auto repair shops.

Google has partnered with Valpak, the top U.S. supplier of coupon advertising, to provide more than 20,000 coupons from current Valpak advertisers when consumers search for relevant stores using its Google Maps map and local directory service…”

source: “Google Maps offers discount coupons for US stores” by Eric Auchard (Reuters, Aug.14,2006)


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News: Recent Restaurant Technology Headlines 8/15/06

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Article: “The Wireless Touch: Casual restaurants adopt wireless POS with service in mind” (Jul.2006)


“Wireless point-of-sale (POS) systems started gaining attention in 2001, but are just now starting to pop up more often at the tables of casual-dining restaurants. This market represents an estimated 41 percent of the wireless POS market, according to 2005 research from Mercator Advisory Group, a research firm for the payment industry.

With benefits such as turning tables faster, delivering more accurate orders, and maximizing server productivity and customer satisfaction, there’s no question why restaurants are remaking themselves with wireless handheld systems…”

source: “The Wireless Touch: Casual restaurants adopt wireless POS with service in mind” by Vicki Powers (Hospitality Technology, July/August 2006)

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Research: Hospitality Technology’s “2006 POS Scoreboard – Rating Top POS Systems”


“Now in its third year, the POS Scoreboard offers the industry’s only ranking of the top foodservice point-of-sale software companies based on company size, number of installations and user satisfaction.

…How do POS software systems compare in the opinion of foodservice operators? The user satisfaction scores offer charts and analyses of how systems fared in the criteria deemed most important by the operators themselves.”

source: “2006 POS Scoreboard – Rating Top POS Systems” (Hospitality Technology, 2006) [pdf, free registration req.]

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Resource: Restaurant Technology Discussion Boards

There are not many free discussion forums to discuss restaurant technology and POS. Here are two forums available:’s TechTalk – Restaurant POS / Software
WebFoodPros’ Bits ‘n Bites Foodservice Software Forum

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Press Release: “MealAgent Launches National Free Online Food Ordering Website” (Jun.,2006)


“A new website is now offering restaurants around the country free online food ordering for their customers. provides a customizable, web-based take-out interface that is free to both restaurants and to their customers: people ordering food are never charged, and restaurants are only charged for extra services.

MealAgent believes that every restaurant should be able to have a web presence and that people should be able to easily order from their favorite restaurants without having to pick up a phone…”

source: “MealAgent Launches National Free Online Food Ordering Website” (Meal Agent, Jun.21,2006) [press release]

MealAgent is able to send orders to restaurants via:

  • Fax
  • Email
  • SMS Cellphone Message
  • Alpha Pager
  • Supported POS Systems

link: MealAgent

Other companies providing related services:
Waiter on Wheels

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Article: “Businessman blogs boldly toward BBQ restaurant success” (Jul.2006)


“On June 7, Reams started posting to the Mothership blog — and soon began counting down to opening. Then, on Friday, June 9, Reams announced on the blog the restaurant would be open the next morning. To his surprise, 50 customers came in for pulled pork barbecue and ribs – and their positive posts on his blog followed.

In simple terms, Reams managed to get Mothership off the ground and exceeding sales projections almost immediately without spending a penny on conventional advertising; only his blog, maintained by the free, Google-owned Blogger service, served as a sentinel for Mothership’s opening. He says he is Nashville’s only restaurateur using blogging as a method of publicity…”

source: “Businessman blogs boldly toward BBQ restaurant success” by Will York (The City Paper, Jul.24,2006)

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